JCM & ILA are the partners and public face of Maghrit Steel Guitars, a project which brings together the worlds of both music and art.

Trained as architects in ETSAM (Madrid) with a special expertise in urban planning and construction, they have always had a strong parallel interest in disciplines such as painting, screen-printing, engraving, design and illustration.

In recent years, they have worked closely with some of the best-known artisan flamenco and electric guitar-makers in Spain.

After building their first instruments made entirely of Spanish steel and organising sessions with top guitarists across a range of styles, the quality of their guitars began to shine through. During this process they were also able to select and develop the best components for each guitarist and playing style.

Then, using their artistic skills, they began work on engraving the steel, creating motifs to produce a distinctive hallmark based on geometrical designs but retaining a flamenco core.

Maghrit only uses quality materials and components, carefully selected to produce a richly nuanced and colourful sound.

In the workshop, every instrument is customised according to the wishes and requirements of each client.

The enthusiasm and dedication employed in the construction of each guitar has already satisfied the needs and demands of many musicians around the world.

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